Porosus Crocodile Slipper

Limited to 3 | $20,000


The Re exemplifies the highest level of craftsmanship and creates a new standard of comfort for luxury slippers.

Worthy of a King centuries ago, the Re slipper is handsewn by a world renowned Italian shoemaker, whose handiwork has graced the most illustrious halls, from the mosaic tile floors of the Vatican to the parquetry of the Oval Office. Using a combination of traditional shoe making techniques that have been passed down for generations, and the most luxurious fibers available today, no other slipper like this exists in the world.

Designed specifically for comfort, the inside of the slipper consists of three layers made from; a diamond quilted lining, the finest cashmere, and shaved mink. In order to maintain the comfort and finesse of the slipper, we use hand-selected Australian saltwater porosus crocodile skins, specifically with smaller scales, for an exterior that allows ideal flexibility and contouring to the foot. This masterpiece is completed by a 20mm solid gold coin boasting the CCCXXXIII logo.

Only three pairs will ever be made, making this a truly exclusive and rare wearable piece of art.
This is the Re.

Exterior: Australian Porosus Crocodile

Interior: Quilted Cotton, Shaved Mink and Cashmere

Hardware: Signature Gold Crown Coin

Handmade in Italy
  • Black / Yellow GoldBlack / Yellow Gold
  • Black / Rose GoldBlack / Rose Gold
  • Black / White GoldBlack / White Gold