Italian Leather Slipper

Limited to 300 | $3,000


The Cavaliere embodies the modern day fashion icon; excelling in both form and function. The slipper is entirely handcrafted using world renowned Italian shoe making techniques. Using only the finest, top grain supple leather, the exterior is sleek and durable, while remaining soft and breathable for the foot.

Within, a diamond quilt-stitch padding is layered with the highest quality suede and cotton, surrounding all sides of the foot. This layering technique provides a satisfying sensation of comfort and structure once the foot is inside. The final touch of excellence is our signature gold coin. Each gold coin is placed on the strap of the slipper, completing the most comfortable and luxurious slipper on the market.

Only three hundred will ever be made.
This is the Cavaliere.

Exterior: Fine Italian Leather
Interior: Diamond Quilted Suede
Hardware: Signature Gold Crown Coin
Handmade in Italy
  • Black / Yellow GoldBlack / Yellow Gold
  • Black / Rose GoldBlack / Rose Gold
  • Black / White GoldBlack / White Gold
  • Brown / Yellow GoldBrown / Yellow Gold
  • Blue / Yellow GoldBlue / Yellow Gold
  • Blue / White GoldBlue / White Gold
  • Red / Yellow GoldRed / Yellow Gold
  • Grey / White GoldGrey / White Gold
  • Tan / Yellow GoldTan / Yellow Gold
  • White / Yellow GoldWhite / Yellow Gold

  • White / Rose GoldWhite / Rose Gold
  • White / White GoldWhite / White Gold

Our artisans will begin working on your handcrafted leather slipper upon launch. Please allow six to eight weeks for this functional work of art to be completed.

To ensure a perfect fit, a CCCXXXIII concierge will be in touch with you to determine the exact size requirements for your slipper.