Crown Ostrich & Gold Trim Humidor

Limited to 30 | $42,000


The most essential tobacco leaf in the world of Cuban cigar making is the Seco leaf. Although all leaves in a premium cigar contribute to the flavor, this leaf, sourced from the core of the tobacco plant, is critical in creating a harmonious aroma. Inspired by the powerful yet subtle presence of the Seco leaf, the Seco Humidor is both refined in design and superior in function.

The Seco is constructed of solid Sapelli mahogany and encased in exquisite South African crown ostrich with a lustrous gold trim, creating the perfect blend of splendor and purpose. With a cutting edge, patented ventilation and refrigeration control unit, your cigars remain at the perfect level of humidity in any compartment with no compromise to the taste. To compliment the longevity of the solid Sapelli mahogany wood, which will last you many lifetimes, the owner of the Seco, as well as their heir, will receive a lifetime supply of the Boveda pack, used to preserve and protect your cigars for years to come. Limited to thirty pieces, this expertly crafted humidor is unlike any other as it comfortably houses up to 100 cigars in total. In the center of this alluring design is the iconic solid crown logo, to signify its place in the CCCXXXIII collection.

This is the Seco.

Exterior: Sapelli Mahogany Wood wrapped in South African Crown Ostrich, Gold Trim

Interior: Sapelli Mahogany Wood, South African Crown Ostrich

Hardware: Gold 

Interior Compartments: Three layers housing approximately 33 cigars within each layer, totaling secure storage for up to 100 cigars, with two solid Sapelli Mahogany dividers hand carved with the signature CCCXXXIII logo
Dimensions: 43 cm length x 22 cm height x 30 cm depth
Weight: 12.5 kg

Handmade in Italy
  • Black / Yellow GoldBlack / Yellow Gold
  • Black / Rose GoldBlack / Rose Gold
  • Black / White GoldBlack / White Gold

  • Grey / White GoldGrey / White Gold
  • Brown / Yellow GoldBrown / Yellow Gold
  • Blue / Yellow GoldBlue / Yellow Gold