Medio Tiempo

Gold Porosus Crocodile Humidor

Limited to 3 | $300,000


In the world of Cuban cigar making, the Medio Tiempo tobacco leaf is the most intense and desirable. Growing at the very top of only a select few tobacco plants and requiring the longest time to cultivate, the Medio Tiempo leaf represents utmost quality. It was the arcane nature of this leaf that inspired the rarity and detail of the Medio Tiempo Humidor.

Constructed with 220 pounds of solid Sapelli Mahogany from the tropics of Africa and sheathed in one of the largest hand-select Australian Porosus crocodile skins in existence, this cigar humidor is the pinnacle of luxury. Meticulously crafted, the exotic crocodile skin is hand-brushed in gold leaf, as each leaf is manually compressed by skilled artisans.

Inside, the performance of the Medio Tiempo is unparalleled. With a cutting edge worldwide patented ventilation and refrigeration control unit, your cigars remain at the perfect level of humidity in any compartment. In addition to the guillotine cigar cutter and custom crystal ashtray for your convenience, this humidor will comfortably house over 333 cigars within three retractable drawers made with solid crystal glass fronts imported from Murano.

A first of its kind, this gilded masterpiece, culminated by the iconic CCCXXXIII solid gold crown coin closure, is limited to three pieces and evokes the pinnacle of success.

This is the Medio Tiempo.

Exterior: Sapelli Mahogany Wood wrapped in Australian Porosus Crocodile and Gold

Interior: Sapelli Mahogany Wood, Crystal
Hardware: Gold 

Closure Type: Signature Gold Crown Coin Closure

Interior Compartments: Three solid Sapelli Mahogany drawers with Crystal glass fronts hand carved and etched with the CCCXXXIII logo, drawers can contain 100-120 cigars each or between 300-360 in total
Accessories: Cigar Cutting Guillotine, Crystal Ashtray
Dimensions: 75 cm length x 50 cm height x 50 cm depth
Weight: 100 kg

Handmade in Italy
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